2019 Fixed Annuities


Help your retirement income planning clients understand one of the most confusing, but beneficial, financial products for retirement: Fixed Annuities. To get the latest guide from Retirement You®️, click the button below.

*Includes the full 20 page PDF consumer guide

In The 2019 Guide:

  • Definitions - The 5 Different Types of Fixed Annuities
  • Annuity Taxes - For Qualified & Non-Qualified Contracts
  • For Income - How Immediate & Deferred Payments Work
  • For Growth - Protecting Principal & Crediting Interest
  • Innovation - How Fixed Index Annuities Really Work
  • Education - Fixed Annuity Terminology & Definitions
*You'll get the full 20 page PDF copy at no charge
*You'll get the full 20 page PDF copy at no charge

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